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The DN Dairy Roadshow 2022...

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

The DN Dairy Roadshow was a great success! It was wonderful to welcome so many of you to our technical on-farm meetings. Sincere thanks to the host farms, guest speakers, caterers and all attendees.

The DN Dairy Roadshow took place over three days, in three different locations on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of September. Guests are invited to attend at 10.15 for a welcome tea or coffee, before we begin our presentations.

There were three stations on each farm, with guest speakers focusing on three important topics...

"The Great Transition" - Transforming calves into functional ruminants

Striking a balance between efficient growth from greater milk intakes in early life and adequate energy intake through the weaning transition to maintain preweaning growth rates and optimise rumen development postweaning.

Bianca Theeruth Technology Application Specialist (Calf and Heifer) – UK and Ireland

Cargill Animal Nutrition

Transition Success

The transition period is the most critical period of the cow’s lactation. The objectives of the transition period can be as simple as a healthy cow and a healthy calf. During this workshop Dr. McConochie will guide you through the latest thoughts on correct facilities, management and nutrition required to promote the best opportunity to achieve transition success.

Dr. Huw McConochie

Research Nutritionist


Defeating Digital Dermatitis (DD)

Digital Dermatitis is classified as one of the most common infectious hoof diseases in dairy cattle in the UK. It manifests as a painful, red ulcer on the heel of the hoof and can significantly reduce milk and reproductive performance and will result in cows exiting the herd sooner. Through this workshop, Debby and Jonathan will take you through a step-by-step guide to finally take control and defeat DD once and for all.

Debby Brown

Veterinary Technical Manager

Dugdale Nutrition

Jonathan Huxtable

UK, Ireland and Finland Ruminant Country Manager


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