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Dugdale Nutrition Progressive Calf Milk has been developed to provide your young stock with high quality, proven nutrition and are formulated to ensure optimal growth, health and performance. DN Progressive Calf Milk is available as a skim or a whey powder and benefits from the fatty acid technology of NeoTec4, which in the UK is unique to Dugdale Nutrition and helps in the following areas:

1. Improve Feed Efficiency & Utilisation

2. Improve ADG (Average Daily Gain)

3. Improve Frame & Muscle Growth

4. Reduce Scours & Optimise Immune System

DN Progressive Calf Milk also contains Amneo Technology:

A ‘technology’ to balance amino acids to meet calf requirements, rather than just increasing the protein content. AmNeo enables protein levels with a balance of amino acids for calf milk replacers that will improve performance and reduce the costs per unit of body weight gain through more efficient protein use.

AmNeo is a CONCEPT of formulating CMR not an additive that is included.

NeoTec4 logo txt 2019.jpg

We also stock a range of Britmilk milk replacers for both lambs and calves.


Calf's Choice Total® 100 from SCCL is a natural bovine colostrum powder that is rich in colostral fat, a critical early source of energy for newborn calves. Calf's Choice Total® 100 may be used to supplement or completely replace maternal colostrum. It is made only from natural, premium quality bovine colostrum.

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