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  • A high energy and natural protein feed lick

  • Contains highly available multiple energy sources (lactose and dextrose sugar) to help protect where there is a risk of twin lamb disease pre-lambing

  • Good levels of all-natural protein 

  • Full specification of minerals, vitamins and trace elements including protected zinc to help balance potential deficiencies in forages and support overall animal health, foot health and immune system

  • Ideal for Ewes pre-lambing to help protect against the risk of twin lamb disease

  • Available during sheep season

  • A high specification energy and protein lick for supporting sheep and suckler health and performance.

  • High energy and all-natural protein to support animal health, growth and development

  • Energy and protein help balance poorer quality grazing and forages

  • High level of Digestible Undegradable Protein (DUP), including protected protein (DUP 82% of total protein) supports growth and milk production in early lactation

DN GP 22.5kg
  • Mineral buckets, therefore lower intakes

  • No added Copper, therefore suitable for both sheep and suckler cows

  • Vitamin B1 included to help reduce the risk of CCN

  • Vitamin B12 for liver function & energy metabolism

  • Availa Zinc to help support foot health & performance

  • DN Double Mag mineral buckets contain 17.5% Magnesium for the prevention of Grass Staggers.

  • Full complements of vitamins, minerals & trace elements

  • Two Magnesium sources (Cal Mag & Mag phos)

  • No Copper - can therefore be fed in mixed grazing situations

  • Flavoured to ensure pallatability and consistent intakes

  • For Ewes after lambing, suckler cows and dairy, at grass.

CALF MAXX 7.5kg / 22.5kg
  • MAXX CALF HEALTH is a dehydrated molasses, low moisture bucket

  • Includes Zinpro Availa® zinc proven to help optimise immune function and gut integrity during times of stress, as well as improved lifetime performance

  • Contains natural decongestants from plant extracts and essential oils to help support a healthy respiratory system during periods of stress

  • Contains Phytotec to support robust digestive health, daily gain and improved feed conversion efficiency

  • Extra high in energy, ideal for taking ewes from tupping through to lambing

  • Contains quality protein such as hi-pro soya to support milk production and frame development when using in weaned lambs

  • Fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements; including selenium, cobalt, zinc and Vitamin E

  • Supports good flock health and performance

  • Available during lambing season

  • Progressive Heifer Buckets are a top spec mineral lick for replacement heifers (dairy & beef).​

  • High levels of essential minerals for good bone and skeletal development

  • High levels of Zinc, with some protected, to assis in hoof tissue repair, strengthen hooves and support immune function, thus helping to reduce lameness

  • High levels of Vitamin E, along with Selenium for immune system

  • 3,000 mg/kg of Copper, including chelated forms, for fertility in bulling heifers

  • Vitamin B12 for energy utilization 

  • Intakes - up to 150g / h / day

  • Also available with Garlic

SUPAlyx GARLIC 22.5kg
  • The inclusion of garlic acts as a natural means of helping to discourage flies and biting insects which may otherwise cause stress, grazing disturbance and irritation to stock, resulting in potential reduced performance and health

  • Fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements, including protected zinc and vitamins B1 and B12, to support health and complement forages

  • Product should be withdrawn 21 days before slaughter for meat-producing animals, and 7 days before parturition if milk is intended for human consumption

  • DC Replenisher Buckets are a high specification dry cow bucket, suitable for feeding from 6 weeks pre calving

  • Full complement of vitamins, minerals & trace elements

  • Low in Calcium (3.5%) and high in Magnesium (10%) to help prevent milk fever

  • Inclusion of natural protein sources, which provides by-pass protein for milk production

  • High levels of Zinc, including Availa Zinc, with greater ability proven to optimize udder and hoof health

  • Multiple Copper souces

  • Inclusion of Omega 3 fish oils to help boost fertility in early lactation

  • Also available with Garlic

  • Ideal for all types of cattle on forage based systems

  • Copper sulphate free ; inclusion of IntelliBond Copper as a replacement for sulphate ensures that rumen function and NDF digestibility is optimised 

  • Improved palatability

  • IntelliBond trace minerals

  • Includes a range of other trace elements to help balance any potential deficiencies in forages

  • Packaged as 2 x 10kg blocks in shrink wrapped polythene to ensure optimum storage

  • Central hole for convenient tying and hanging of product

  • Fully weatherproofed to reduce waste with a 12 month shelf life

  • Optisaf Calf Buckets contain Actisaf and Safmannan and are formulated to help support intestinal health and development

  • They support the calf’s immune system, reducing the severity of pneumonia and scour

  • These buckets work well when added to colostrum, milk or top dressed on feed

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