forage products

Forage makes up a massive portion of all on farm diets in the dairy, beef and sheep sectors. Whether that be grazed grass, or a conserved forage, the quality of the forage has a huge impact on animal performance, from milk yield and growth rates through to rumen health and fertility.

Dugdale Nutrition supplies a variety of forage enhancing products including seeds, forage additives and TMR enhancers. By improving the quantity and quality of available forage, the requirement for additional bought in feeds can be reduced, resulting in higher margins.

Our ruminant team, are all trained to FAR standards and fully able to advise on how to improve the quality and quantity of forage you can produce. Contact us to find out how.

Forage products available from DN

Silosolve fc
  • New silage additive technology from Chr. Hansen, a leading global bio-science company
  • Provides excellent fermentation and aerobic stability, even with early feed out
  • Significant reduction in dry matter losses and next to no wastage
  • Preserves more of the key nutrients
  • Suitable for use on all forages
  • A water soluble powder provided in 200g sachets (to treat 100t silage)
advance additives
  • The latest range of biological silage additives from Micron Bio-Systems
  • Crop specific formulas to meet the needs of grass, maize, wholecrop or legume silages
  • Enzyme technology increases forage digestibility
  • A powder provided in 50g pots (to treat 100t silage)
  • High quality seeds from HF Seeds, part of one of the worlds largest seed companies, DLF
  • Provides the top varieties, based on Europe‚Äôs largest research and development programme and UK recommended lists
  • High standards of seed purity and germination; giving dense, weed-free swards
  • Comprehensive range of mixtures for all locations and uses, as well as the possibility of making custom mixtures
  • Seeds available for other fodder crops such as fodder beet, Kale and stubble turnips
  • Seeds also available for game cover and environmental schemes

HF seeds catalogue

Please click the link below to download the 2018 HF Seeds Catalogue.