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Forage is a large percentage of all on farm diets in the dairy, beef and sheep sectors. Whether that be grazed grass, or a conserved forage, the quality of the forage has a huge impact on animal performance, from milk yield and growth rates through to rumen health and fertility.

Dugdale Nutrition can supply a variety of forage enhancing products including seeds and forage additives. By improving the quantity and quality of available forage, the requirement for additional bought in feeds can be reduced, resulting in higher margins.

Our ruminant team are all fully trained, FAR registered advisors and are able to support you with forage production.


Forage Guide

The DN Managing Your Forage Guide focuses on managing silage production systems to reduce losses and to produce a high quality forage.


DN Newsletter

Issue 02 of our newsletter addresses some of the areas surrounding production from grazing and forage land.


HF Seeds

HF Seeds mixtures have been chosen by profitable farmers since the early 1950’s. View the 2020 catalogue here.

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