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Keep your dry cows cool and LiFT® your cow and calf performance...

Brand new to the market, CoolCalver™ has been developed as part of Cargill’s CoolCow® concept to mitigate the effects of heat stress during the dry period and subsequent effects on the calf.

A successful dry period is essential to ensure easy calving, a plentiful supply of colostrum for calf vigour, and prevent metabolic disease and health problems in the cow which can affect her subsequent fertility

Thermal stress in dry cows occurs from THI 68 (22oC at 60% humidity). When thermal stress is exhibited during the dry period it can negatively affect both the cow and calf.

As well as affecting animal welfare, thermal stress also leads to:

As well as management practices including ensuring sufficient clean water trough space, shade provision, optimised ventilation, and ensuring good feed management to help maintain intakes, CoolCalver™ has been designed specifically to maintain performance of dry cows during periods of thermal stress.

DN Replenisher 321 Nuts contains CoolCalver™ throughout the summer months...

  • 6mm fully mineralised nut to support health and transition and colostrum production.

  • Includes LiFT to support liver function through transition. This is cool-calver through summer to help with heat-stress (based on LiFT).

  • Good level of quality protein with high bypass levels for preparation for colostrum and milk production.

  • Wheat for energy to stimulate the rumen for intake post calving.

  • High magnesium level to help reduce issues with milk fever at calving by supporting partial DCAD, including a range of magnesium sources to give negative DCAD level.

  • Includes Actisaf to support rumen function through transition.

For more information and full details of Replenisher 321 Nuts or CoolCalver™ please contact your local DN sales specialist: or call us on 01200 420234.

To read the full brochure on CoolCalver™ by Cargill click the link below...

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