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Feizor Holsteins - Why Alka Rearer?

After his recent first prize success at Gisburn Auction Market with a newly calved cow, which placed overall reserve champion, we decided to have a little chat with David Booth and his family about why they choose to feed Alka Rearer to their young stock.

Hannah Booth (David's Daughter) said, “Since changing the feed three years ago, our calves have better coat condition, we have noticed a definite improvement in their overall DLWG, they are eating less straw and also require less bedding due to better rumination. All thanks to the Alkagrain incorporated into our nut!” David Booth adds "It is imperative that we reach good weights with our calves to enable them to perform well when they calve down in our high yielding herd. Alka Rearer has given us the opportunity to grow our heifers well without the risk of acidosis."

Any Questions? Please feel free to give us a call on 01200 420234 or contact your local DN Sales Specialist.

Please click on the picture link below to read more about Alkagrain on the FiveF Alka Ltd website...

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