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DN wagon delivers Emily to her prom!

A first for the Dugdale Nutrition transport department, who last night saw PJ68 0SR a break from delivering feed to deliver Emily Haythornthwaite to her prom at Mitton Hall!

Emily pictured with DN Transport Manager Dan Brown

Emily is a recent leaver of Bowland High School, and was driven in style by DN Transport Manager, Daniel Brown, to her school prom after completing her GCSE exams. The Haythornthwaite family have a long connection with Dugdale Nutrition, with Emily's Mum, Uncle and late Grandfather having worked here for many years and at one point there were more Haythornthwaites' working at DN that Dugdales!

Emily pictured with her Grandma Jean

Susan, Emily's mum, has worked at DN since leaving school 36 years ago - working in Accounts before moving to the Raw Material department in 2018. Her brother Mark - Emily’s Uncle - works in our customer collections department and has been with us for 19 years. Roger Haythornthwaite, Emily's late grandfather, would be a familiar face to many of our local customers and worked at DN for over 40 years before his retirement.

We are very grateful to have so many wonderful employees and for their many years of loyal service to DN. We were absolutely delighted to deliver Emily to her prom. Emily - we hope you had a fabulous evening with your friends and wish you all the best with your GCSE results!

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