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DN Dry Cow Replenisher Buckets...

DN DC Replenisher buckets are a high specification mineral, vitamin and trace element lick, specifically tailored to pre-calving nutrition demands. Featuring:

  • Low in calcium and high in magnesium to help prevent milk fever.

  • High levels of vitamin E and Availa selenium to support calf vigour whilst also supporting cow health and immunity during the transition period.

  • Contains Availa 3 (zinc, manganese and copper) to assist in hoof and udder health, support immune function and fertility.

  • Inclusion of omega-3 fish oils to help optimise fertility in early lactation.

  • Addition of soya protein supports milk and colostrum production in early lactation.

  • Available in 22.5kg.

  • Bucket Key: Green Lid.

For further information about our DC Replenisher or any other products, please contact your local DN Sales Specialist or call The DN Store on 01200 420234.

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