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DN Youngstock Feeds...

Our range of youngstock feeds have been developed to support calves and heifers from birth through weaning and onto the rearing stage. Our rearing range will support breeding heifers through to calving and other youngstock through to beef production, including:

  • Progressive Rumistart 3mm Pellets

  • Progressive Calf 6mm Nuts

  • iStart 3mm Pellets

  • Progressive Heifer 6mm Nuts

  • Progressive Heifer Straw 6mm Nuts

  • Alka Gain 6mm Nuts

  • Stockmaster 6mm Nuts

  • Pro-Start Blend

  • iGrow 16 6mm nuts

  • Pro-Grow Blend

A range of complimentary products are also available, including a variety of milk replacers, minerals, licks & buckets.

To find out more, please contact your local DN Sales Specialist or The DN Store on 01200 420234 and we will be happy to help. If you are unsure who your local DN Sales Specialist is then please call DN HQ 01200 420200, and well be happy to help you find them!

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