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Are you ready for the upcoming lambing season? Be prepared to feed your surplus lambs!

As lambing season approaches in the next couple of months, and many scan results could show twins and triplets; we may have more lambs needing a top up of milk or for putting on a lamb feeder. It is important to have a good lamb feeding system and quality milk at the ready.

Shepherdess® lamb milk is very carefully formulated from sustainably sources ingredients for optimal digestion in the young lamb providing an effective alternative to ewe's milk.

🐑 Whey based for cost-effective rearing

🐑 23.5% crude protein, 24% fat

🐑 Contains NuStart®, a natural gut conditioner

🐑 Suitable for all rearing systems - machine, bucket, bottle

The Shepherdess® lamb range has been developed with both you and your lambs in mind; products are easy to mix, simple to feed and contain a distinctive flavouring to ensure they are highly palatable and maximise feed intake in young lambs.

Mixing instructions for lamb milk replacers...

Mix 200g of Shepherdess® lamb milk in 800ml of water to make 1 litre of lamb milk replacer (20% solids).

1. Take two-thirds of the required amount of water at a temperature of 45C.

2. Add the required amount of milk powder to the water and mix thoroughly.

3. Make up to the full quantity by adding cold or warm water and whisk lightly.

4. Feed at between 40-42C.

Shepherdess® lamb milk contains NuStart® - a natural performance enhancer which supports the development of young ruminants through:

  • Supporting gut microflora to aid digestion of nutrients for the young animal.

  • Improving performance in early life to reduce overall cost per kg growth and increase profit.

  • Aiding rumen development to enable the utilisation of solid food and reduce growth checks.

  • Increase dry feed intake and improving feed efficiency to improve growth.

For more information about Shepherdess® lamb milk or to place your order contact your DN Sales Specialist or call us on 01200 420234.

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