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Zinpro® Availa® Zn...

The Optimal Zinc for Dairy Cows...

Zinpro® Performance Minerals® are proven to be the most readily available form of trace mineral source on the market. The unique 1:1 bond with an amino acid allows the product to be absorbed differently and utilised by the animal more efficiently. Each molecule exceeds the highest industry standards for quality and delivers proven mineral nutrition based on the most extensively researched organic source in the market.

Zinc is essential for health and production and is required by animals for numerous functions, including: immunity, reproduction, milk production and epithelium and claw integrity.

In addition, when an animal has the proper balance of trace minerals it is better able to cope with the challenging effects of stress and leaky gut.

Benefits of Feeding Zinpro® Availa® Zn...

Higher Reproductive Performance

Zinc from Zinpro Availa Zn can support higher reproductive performance by decreasing service per conception rate.

Stronger Immune System

Feeding the right Zinc from Zinpro Availa Zn also helps improve the synthesis of teat canal keratin, the ability of the animal to eliminate bacteria and reduce somatic cell counts.

More From the Diets

Feeding Zinpro Availa Zn results in cows consuming less feed per kilograms of milk produced, thus improve feed efficiency.

Quality Colostrum

Zinpro Availa Zn helps raise immunoglobulin levels in maternal colostrum, which helps in passive immunity for the newborn calf.

Better Return on Investment with More Milk

Cows fed Zinpro Availa Zn stay healthier allowing more energy to be allocated to milk production rather than being burned to fuel immune response.

Enhanced Hoof Health

Zinpro Availa Zn supports keratin formation which can help enhance hoof integrity and improve wound healing. Thus, lameness incidence and severity in herds can be lowered.


Research shows that feeding zinc from Zinpro Availa Zn plays a role in maintaining intestinal integrity by strengthening tight junctions during challenges and reducing the incidence of leaky gut and related intestinal inflammation. Not only does Zinpro Availa Zn improve intestinal integrity but also reduces the amount of harmful toxins that get through to the blood stream. The requirement for zinc increases during stress events.

If you require further information on Zinpro® Availa® Zn, then please speak to your local DN Sales Specialist or call Dugdale Nutrition on 01200 420200.

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