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Top Price Per Kilo Limousin Heifer at Borderway Mart Primestock Sale...

Updated: May 4, 2021

One of our DN customers Messrs Miller, High Aketon, Wigton, proudly tops the Limousin heifer price per kilo market at Harrison and Hetherington Borderway Mart weekly Primestock Sale, Monday 26th April.

Messrs Miller finishes his store cattle using Home n' Dry pellets mixed in with barley to create their own Alkagrain which is then fed via a TMR Feeding System along with their silage & whole crop, once daily. He buys store cattle and sells finished cattle weekly, averaging 350-400 head of cattle on farm at all times. Once finished Mr Millers cattle either go direct to abattoir, butchers or local auction markets.

"We've found it very easy to make our own Alkagrain. By adding 40kg Home n' Dry per tonne of barley we can then get a very stable and digestible concentrate feed - and a cereal crop that has received more than a five-percent point uplift in protein, which is important" William Miller says.

Home n’ Dry pellets are the foundation of Alkasystems technology. Developed after extensive research and trials over 30 years ago, they are a unique, cost effective, high protein complementary feed that enable farmers, nutritionists and feed manufacturers to maximise the potential of their crops, feeds and diets.

To find out more about Home n' Dry please call the Alka Line: 01200 613118 or visit the website:

After successfully realising the overall top price per kilo limousin heifer at Borderway Primestock sale, auctioneer Grant Anderson wrote 'Top overall price per kilo of 300ppk was attained by Messrs Miller, High Aketon, Wigton with what was one of the best Limousin heifers seen for a long time, this beautiful 507kg Limousin x was purchased by Frasers Butchers, Hanover Street, Stranraer. Messrs Miller’s run of 4 heifers averaged an outstanding 274.5p.'

For the full Borderway Primestock Sale report from Monday 26th April, please follow this link:

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