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The Nutritional Benefits of Sugar Beet...

Finding optimal feeding practices that suit your farm can sometimes be a challenge. This blog looks into the nutritional benefits of incorporating sugar beet into the diets of ruminants.

Sugar beet originates from the sugar beet plant and is a useful digestible fibre source that is more rumen friendly than some other raw materials.

High Energy Content

Sugar beet is know for its sugar content making it an excellent source of readily available energy. Ruminants can efficiently convert sugars into glucose, providing them with an energy source supporting growth and reproduction.

High Fibre Content

Sugar beet is a digestible fibre-rich feed, the pulp remaining after sugar extraction contains valuable soluble fibres, promoting healthy digestion in ruminants. This aids in maintaining optimal rumen function, reducing the risk of digestive issues such as acidosis.

Enhanced Forage Utilisation

When used with forages, sugar beet can complement the nutritional profile of the overall diet. It can enhance the utilisation of other feed resources and ensure a well-rounded nutritional intake if balanced correctly in the ration.  

Increased Milk Production

The benefits of feeding sugar beet to dairy cows and milking ewes can support an increase in milk production. The nutrients and digestibility of sugar beet can positively impact lactating cows and ewes, supporting higher milk yields without compromising the health of the animals.

At DN we have various feeds that incorporate sugar beet at different levels.

☎️ For more information about sugar beet based diets, contact your local DN Sales Specialist or call us on 01200 420200.

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