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The Dugdale Nutrition Awards (DNA's)...

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

On Saturday 17th June 2023 we held our first DN Awards (DNA's) at Bellman Mill, Clitheroe.

We stopped production and deliveries to give all departments across both sites (Clitheroe & Speke) the opportunity to come together and enjoy an afternoon, giving well deserved recognition to staff for their invaluable contribution to Dugdale Nutrition.

All attendees enjoyed a delicious BBQ, inflatable footpool and bowling, a close up magician and drinks before the awards ceremony where 16 members of staff were recognised for their outstanding contribution to the business.

Sincere thanks goes to all those who attended and helped to make the day so special. We all look forward to the 2024 DNA's!

The Awards...

Amazing Addition Award - for an employee who has achieved a lot in a short space of time, since joining the business.

Awarded to: Simon Stock, Production Manager

Employee Choice Clitheroe Award - chosen by DN employees. Recognition by their peers for an outstanding contribution to Dugdale Nutrition Clitheroe.

Awarded to: Susan Haythornthwaite, Raw Materials Coordinator

Employee Choice Speke Award - chosen by DN employees. Recognition by their peers for an outstanding contribution to Dugdale Nutrition Speke.

Awarded to: Dave Parker, Maintenance

Everyday Hero Award - for an employee who consistently goes out of their way to help others, goes the extra mile, and has a can do attitude

Awarded to: Dan Brown, Transport Manager

Five Star Service Award - for an employee who consistently provides 5 star service, either to the business or to customers, or both.

Awarded to: Gemma Ford, Ruminant Sales Specialist

Growth Award - for an employee who has shown consistent growth within their role and strives to continue their development.

Awarded to: Ryan Stewart, Warehouse Supervisor

Mentoring Champion Award - for an employee who shows great leadership skills and has outstanding mentoring qualities.

Awarded to: Mark Hankey, Production Operative

Innovation Award - for an employee who actively shows innovation and consistently brings new ideas to the table, helping to set Dugdale Nutrition apart from the competition.

Awarded to: Mike Curley, Design and Marketing Specialist

Impact Award - for an employee who has made a significant impact within the workplace through their attitude, their work, or the way they approach their role.

Awarded to: Charlie Taylor, Transport Intern

Serious About Safety Award - for an employee who has been consistent and championed the part they play in workplace health and safety since the launch of our 'SAS' Serious About Safety campaign.

Awarded to: Marcus Clark, Marketing and Communications Assistant

Teamwork Award - for a team who work consistently well together, continuously produce excellent results and who strive for excellence within their department.

Awarded to: Sales Support Team - Karen Mackie, Lisa Blackwell, Susan Kirk, Danielle Mutch and Debbie Dolan

Employee of the Year Award - the overall award for an employee who continuously goes above and beyond for the business and consistently meets our vision and values.

Awarded to: Jack Heywood, Senior Transport Planner

Long Service Awards (15 years +)...

Peter Shears, Transport - 15 years 4 months

Martin Cottam, Production - 15 years 4 months

Colin Dyer, Production - 17 years 5 months

Karen Mackie, Sales Support - 17 years 9 months

Tony Middleton, Production - 17 years 11 months

Mark Haythornthwaite, Warehouse - 20 years 2 months

Peter Trelford, Production (Speke) - 21 years 1 month

Steve Pinder, Transport - 22 years 1 month

Susan Kirk, Sales Support - 22 years 4 months

Garry Starkie, Sales - 22 years 10 months

Steve Parkinson, Transport - 27 years 5 months

Susan Haythornthwaite, Raw Materials - 35 years 12 months

Stefan Czarnogrebel, Production - 39 years 8 months

Andrew Robinson, Production - 39 years 9 months

The DN Awards Video...

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