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Support Heat Stress with Equaliser® CoolCow...

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Equaliser CoolCow is a special product to support the heat stressed cow. It helps to maintain feed intake and supports production.

Equaliser® CoolCow is a unique blend of internal cooling elements (including an osmolyte), buffering agents, alkalising ingredients and flavouring that provide nutritional support and help maintain production performance throughout periods of temperature fluctuations.

Fluctuating Temperatures - How it effects the UK dairy herd...

In the UK, fluctuating temperatures occur often during the warmer seasons. In 2019 from May to August temperatures fluctuated by up to 12°C from one day to the next.

However even during these fluctuating temperatures, weather measurements show humidity April-October doesn’t fall below 60% which is seen as the ‘trigger level’ on THI scales meaning we are almost constantly at the trigger level throughout the summer months even combined with our mediocre temperatures!

Data collected from North West Europe (Germany) published in 2019 showed significant impacts on herd fertility (bulling expression and conception rates) well below the point at which performance is affected (THI of 68 e.g. 22°C @ 60% relative humidity).

In fact fertility was affected negatively from the very modest THI of 57 (e.g. 14°C @ 60% relative humidity). Such findings help explain the impacts we typically see on fertility and production (yield and quality) throughout the summer months.

Over the past few years many parts of the UK have experienced heat stress conditions from June to August, negatively impacting on fertility and performance (Figure 1).

Typical THI inside a barn is 3-7 points higher than outside, making heat stress conditions

more likely.

Heat stress symptoms are not always seen but signs to look for are:

Fluctuating temperatures cause cows to alter their normal daily routine, with changes to behaviour which can negatively impact on their welfare. Just like humans in the heat, cows’ appetites drop, feed intake is lower, and therefore production levels are compromised.

Impact of fluctuating temperatures on fertility: as temperature rises fertility drops...


Management strategies of ensuring adequate water availability, ensuring feed is fresh and pushed up plus fitting fans (and soaking systems at feed fences and collecting areas if appropriate) or ensuring adequate shade for grazed cows should be standard practice throughout the summer months. When THI levels exceed 57 Equaliser® CoolCow helps improve cow comfort and maintain feed intake, milk production and fertility.

What does Equaliser® CoolCow do?

Equaliser® CoolCow helps body cells to maintain hydration during temperature fluctuations


Physical form: powder

Feeding rate: 100-150 g/head/day


• Feed to lactating cows from May up to the end of September to ensure cover throughout the risk period.

• Mix through the basal ration or concentrate meal. Do not top-dress.

• Replaces any existing buffer or yeast included in the ration.

Factors for Success

• Follow the recommended feeding rate and duration.

• For greatest benefit start using two weeks before hot weather arrives to allow time for the cow to adapt.

• Ensure adequate water is available at all times (>1m water space per 10 cows, check rate of refilling).

• Regularly check

On-farm experiences

• Cows are more comfortable and continue to be active during fluctuating temperature conditions.

• Feed and water intake, milk production and fertility are maintained during heat stress.

• Quicker recovery from extreme risk periods.

If you require further information on Equaliser® CoolCow, then please speak to your local DN Sales Specialist or call Dugdale Nutrition on 01200 420200.

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