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Optimise health & performance with our mixed calf pallets, saving 5% throughout February...

Get 5% OFF our calf specific mixed pallets - available for both collection or delivery in bags. Find out more about the products available below.

Option 1:

10 x DN Progressive Calf Milk

10 x DN Calf Feed (Coarse Ration OR Pellets)

20 x DN Progressive Heifer OR DN Alka Rearer Nuts

Option 2:

10 x DN Progressive Calf Milk

30 x DN Calf Feed OR DN Progressive Heifer / DN Alka Rearer Nuts

Progressive Calf Milk

Both products in the Progressive Calf Milk range have been developed to provide your young stock with high quality, proven nutrition and are formulated to ensure optimal growth, health and performance.

DN Progressive Calf Milk is available in a whey and a skim powder. Both products benefit from the fatty acid technology of NeoTec4, which is unique to Dugdale Nutrition and helps in the following areas:

1. Improve Feed Efficiency & Utilisation

2. Improve ADG (Average Daily Gain)

3. Improve Frame & Muscle Growth

4. Reduce Scours & Optimise Immune System

Progressive Calf Pellets

DN Progressive Calf is a 3mm starter pellet, specially formulated with a range of starch and digestible energy sources which provide energy and encourage rumen development.

Progressive Calf contains quality protein sources, such as soya, to encourage lean growth. Safmannan is included to support gut health and the immune system of the calf, along with Nustart Calf to support the developing rumen.

Coarse Calf Ration

Our highly digestible, 16% protein ration is specially formulated for dairy and beef calves (pre and post weaning) and uses quality micronised ingredients and a fully mineralised calf pellet in a molassed mix.

DN Coarse Calf contains high quality, uniformly mixed ingredients to meet all the calf’s needs. High quality protein sources such as soya bean and protein calf pellets provide an easily digestible feed, which helps to promote calf growth rates. The inclusion of fully mineralised, 3mm pellets in the mix provides the necessary minerals and vitamins to support growth and immunity.

DN Alka Rearer

DN Alka Rearer is a 6mm rearing nut, containing the specialist Alkagrain 150 Premix. It is suitable for feeding to calves at grass or ad-lib (with little risk of acidosis) alongside straw or big bale silage / hay. DN Alka Rearer supports growth and rumen development whilst promoting improved DLWG, animal health, fertility and performance.

Progressive Heifer Nuts

DN Progressive Heifer is a 6mm rearing nut. It is available at 19% protein or at 26% protein for feeding alongside straw. It is the ideal follow on diet to Progressive Calf pellets, to promote lean growth for calving at 22-24 months.

*Do not feed to sheep or lambs.

Get 5% OFF Throughout February

Speak to your local DN Sales Specialist or call the bag collection department on 01200 420234 for pricing information or to place your order.

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