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Meet our NEW Team!


Names (L-R) - Sarah Haworth, Mandy Hamlet, Karen Mackie, Susan Kirk, Maria Nimock and Danielle Mutch

Occupation - Sales Support Team Fun Facts - Maria & Danielle joined the DN Team over a year ago when we purchased DN Speke, previously B. Tickle & Son. Danielle works at DN Speke and Maria works between the 2 sites.

Maria has now brought together Sarah, Mandy, Karen & Susan who work at DN Clitheroe, along with Danielle, to create our new Sales Support Team.

We are celebrating the unification of this great team of ladies with Maria and Mandy's delicious homemade cakes this morning.

If you would like to place a bulk order or speak to our Sales Support Team, please call 01200 420201.

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