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Lisa Blackwell receives our latest Employee Recognition...

This month the DN employee recognition award has been presented to Lisa Blackwell for her outstanding effort.

Lisa Blackwell (Left) with Finance Director Mike Beach (Right)

Lisa's line manager Maria Nimock says "Since beginning to work with Dugdale Nutrition, Lisa has grown into the role and completely made it her own. Lisa is conscientious, and always gives 100% to her work. Lisa has a very welcoming personality to all who come to warehouse, may that be customers and colleagues. No task is too small or too big and every procedure she follows knowing the consequences if it is not done the correct way. Lisa even took on training and passed her FLT Licence.

One funny fact was during Lisa’s first week with us, not knowing Matthew Dugdale, he came in and took some stock and was putting it on his account but as he had not come in Lisa chased after him as he had not paid, when informed it was Matt she apologised and was quickly informed, no you did exactly the right thing. Lisa is funny hardworking and is prepared to learn and grow with the business.

As her manager I am very proud of Lisa and where she is today, she is liked and respected by all staff who work alongside her. As a team Lisa has fitted in very well in the warehouse and she is now part of the team in there. All I now have to say is, well done Lisa, you deserve employee of the month."

May we take this opportunity to sincerely thank Lisa for all her hard work and commitment to Dugdale Nutrition.

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