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Let's Talk About Safmannan...

Let us talk to you about Safmannan and why we add it to many of our compound feeds here at Dugdale Nutrition.

So, what is it? Safmannan is a premium yeast fraction containing a rich source of specific beta-glucans and mannans, helping to bind gut pathogens and support an animal’s immune system. In simple terms, it helps to reduce bacterial load by attaching to bacteria and carrying it out of the intestine. Clever stuff!

Safmannan attached to the gram negative pathogens, therefore stopping them from attaching to the intestinal wall.

We are sure you are wondering how this will benefit you and your animals. Well, let us explain the many benefits feeding a diet containing Safmannan can have, starting with the immune system.

Safmannan can support the immune system, reduce pathogen load in the intestines and therefore give your animals a much better defence against infection. The improvement in villi development will enable a better absorption of nutrients, and result in better development and growth. In short, much healthier animals!

Healthier animals = better appetite
Better appetite = more efficient feeding
More efficient feeding = increased growth rates / milk yield
Improved immune system = reduced need for costly treatments
Better health = reduced labour and costs on farm

Take a look at the table below featuring trials results from animals supplemented with or fed a compound containing Safmannan.

In conclusion, Safmannan will help to support the immune system in any situation, stimulating animal performance and helping cattle and sheep in challenging situations.

We have several sheep, dairy and beef feeds containing Safmannan, along with complementary products to supplement your animals. For further information, please speak to your local DN Sales Specialist or call DN HQ on 01200 420200.

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