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Gisburn Auction Dugdale Dairy Day 04.05.23...

Dugdale Nutrition continue to proudly support and sponsor Gisburn Auction Mart's 'Dugdale Dairy Day' which takes place on the first Thursday of EVERY month!

Pre-sale show

Thursday's cattle sale was exceptional as always, and we extend our thanks to Judge Lee Donkin for his thorough evaluation during the pre-sale show.

M & J Bristol Claremont topped the best pedigree new calved heifer class show this week, showcasing a 32lt heifer by Gen-I-Beq Attico Red that sold for £4750 (pictured below).

Jennings Farmers took home the prize for the best new calved heifer in the second class of the day, with a 30lt heifer that fetched £2700 (pictured below).

In the last class of the day, the prize for the best new calved cow went to J & I Garth - Bowlandview for their 41lt second calver which sold for £2450 (pictured below).

Congratulations to all the prize winners of the day. The Dugdale Nutrition Team extends its gratitude to all vendors for their continued support and participation in these renowned sales.

Dugdale Nutrition Stand

Our Dugdale Nutrition stand is located next to the café every first Thursday of the month during Dugdale Dairy Day.

Why not come and see us and gather valuable insights and knowledge about our products and services. Our friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide you with any information you need. We also have a few freebies to give away.

We look forward to another fantastic line-up of dairy cattle at the next Dugdale Dairy Day which will take place on Thursday 1st June 2023.

To view the full sale report from Thursday 4th May 2023 please follow the link below...

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