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Dugdale Nutrition proudly supports #Farm24...

Fom 5am Thursday 5th - 5am Friday 6th August, 24 Hours in Farming was back for its sixth year as one of agriculture's biggest online events, showcasing what farmers do up and down the country in a typical working day. Farm24 is run by the Farmers Guardian, Farming CAN and is sponsored by Morrisons. It celebrates the British farming industry and offers a valuable insight into where and how our food is produced, from start to finish and the huge variety of roles and responsibilities taken on by farmers as food producers and custodians of the countryside.

At Dugdale Nutrition, we are proud to have members of staff from all walks of life, brought together by our strong working relationships with farmers and agricultural businesses all over Britain. Farm24 not only gave us the chance to show our support to the farming industry, but after 18 long months of challenges meant we could unite as a team! As you can see from the many photo's below, Dugdale Nutrition willingly leapt into their pledge towards 24 Hours in Farming!

Above (L-R): Operations Director - Matthew Tickle, Director - Roger Dugdale & Finance Director - Mike Beech.

Above Top Row (L-R): Sales Manager - Stuart Rhodes, Fleet Manager - Steve Pinder & Warehouse Manager - Jade Finnigan.

Above Bottom Row (L-R): Transport Manger - Dan Brown, HAU Student - Dan Simeon, Transport Planner - Jack Heywood & Transport Administrator - Mathew Richardson.

Above Top Row (L-R) Assistant Formulator - Katie Giles, Transport Operative - Tom Morris & Mill Operative - Lee Harbord.

Above Bottom Row (L-R) Transport Operative - John Atkinson, Wayne Sellers - Speke Mill Operative, Jake Peters - Speke Warehouse Operative & Blend Shed Operative - Garry Cocks.

Above Top Row (L-R): Warehouse Operative - Jamie Shoesmith, DN Store & WuffitMix Admin Co-Ordinator - Holly Mallabourn & Bag Wagon Driver - Chris Pope.

Above Bottom Row (L-R): Mill Cleaner - Steven Marsden, Formulations Assistant - Beth Duerden & Warehouse Operative - Ryan Stewart.

Above Top Row (L-R): Transport Operative - Phillip Pope, Marketing & Communications Assistant - Annis Schofield & Packing and Warehouse Operative - Brant Middleton.

Above Bottom Row (L-R): Groundsman - Pete Lawson, Warehouse Operative - Mark Haythornthwaite & Transport Operative - Rob Withington.

Above (L-R): JWR Haulage - John Redmayne, Hymas, T&J Haulage Ltd & H.Binks & Sons - Michael Binks.

Above - The DN Store Team (L-R): Jamie Shoesmith, Holly Mallabourn, Abi Pinder, Jade Finnigan, Mark Haythornthwaite & Ryan Stewart.

Above (L-R) Mathew Richardson, Steve Parkinson, Steve Pinder, Jack Heywood, Dan Simeon & Dan Brown.

Our Dugdale Nutrition Mascots: Doreen & Doug took part in #FARM24...

Our Sheep, Dogs & Cows couldn't wait to get involved...

Another big thank you to not only everyone in front of the camera, but behind it, for capturing photos from all over the businesses: Bellman Mill, Speke Mill, The DN Store, WuffitMix, Home N Dry and to the Transport Operatives delivering and collecting all over the country!

As proud supporters of British Farming, the whole Dugdale Nutrition team look forward to taking part in next years 24 hours in farming.

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