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DN Super Beef Finisher Nuts Customer Tops Christmas Prime Cattle Show at Ulverston Auction Market...

One of our DN customers, Mr Michael Cook, Hollin Hall, Ulverston, proudly tops the market at Ulverston Auction Christmas Prime Cattle Show on Tuesday 1st December 2020.

Mr Cook feeds his prime stock on our DN Super Beef Finisher Nuts. These are a 6mm fully mineralised nut with 14% protein, with high levels of a range of starch and sugar sources to encourage efficient finish, Actisaf live yeast also to help with rumen microbes and function, Acid-buf included to help with rumen pH in intensively fed cattle, ammonium chloride to reduce risk of calculi in bulls and a small amount of urea to help rumen buffering.

Michael says 'I feed my Super Beef Finisher Nuts with beet pulp to keep their stomach's right, I have been using this method for many years now because I am happy with how all my cattle finish. I always buy my cattle locally, then finish them for various outlets including: two local butchers, Woodheads, Dunbia and participate in local auction shows and sales.'

Please click the photo to see Ulverston Auction Mart's full Christmas Show and Sale Report.

On behalf of all the Dugdale Nutrition team, we would like to congratulate Michael on your resent success and wish you, your family and your stock all the best for the New Year.

Any questions? Please feel free to give us a call on 01200 420200 or contact your local DN Sales Specialist.

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