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Congratulations to the new Dugdale Nutrition Fire Wardens...

With a growing operation and workforce, now spread across two sites, Dugdale Nutrition are fully committed to developing our health and safety procedures wherever possible. The new DN training catalogue will now include all day to day operations training, as well as a fire wardens course, fire safety course, first aid (3 day) and 1 day emergency first aid.

On Tuesday 26th February, Peter Williams, DN Training & Compliance Manager, carried out an in-house fire wardens course for four members of the DN team.

All candidates successfully passed the course and we are very pleased to announce that the new DN Fire Wardens are:

  • Gemma Ford, DN Sales Administrator

  • Jade Finnigan, DN Warehouse Manager

  • Lisa Kenyon, DN Accounts Administrator

  • Steve Pinder, DN Fleet Manager

(L-R) Lisa Kenyon, Steve Pinder, Gemma Ford, Peter Williams & Jade Finnigan

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