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CCM YFC Prime Lamb Show...

Today, 9th August saw CCM's Annual Young Handlers Prime Lamb Competition, where there were an exceptional 24 lambs forward from local 'Young Farmers'. Trade for all the show lambs was excellent and a big thankyou is extended to all the buyers for supporting the youngsters so well at the ringside and giving them a fine trade. After 16 months of COVID-19 restrictions, it was so refreshing to see the ringsides buzzing with enthusiasm, no restriction on spectators and above all our younger generation being able to attend and take part! Credit to Skipton Auction Mart for encouraging such a healthy entry of our 'young farmers' and giving them this opportunity.

Thankyou to todays judge: Angus Dean who certianly had his work cut out for him! He awarded the Championship Rosette jointly to Charlie Leach and Daniel Lund of Hebden Bridge. The lamb made £200 when selling to Brayton Farmshop in Selby. Other prices for show lambs see below.

Show and Sale results as follows:

Under 10s 1st Charlie Leach & Daniel Lund 34kg £200 Brayton Farm Shop 2nd Raffe Middleton 49kg £148 A Atkinson for Hartshead Meat Co 3rd Henry Sugden 41kg £109 A Atkinson for West Scottish Lamb 4th Oliver Marshall 48kg £138 The Robertshaw Farm Shop

11-16 yrs 1st Georgie Webster 47kg £146 A Atkinson for Hartshead Meat Co 2nd Chrissie Lund 47kg £154 Brayton Farm Shop 3rd Jimmy Crabtree 45kg £145 Vivers Scot Lamb 4th Thomas Marshall 48kg £155 Brayton Farm Shop 4th Lilly Ireland 54kg £162 Brayton Farm Shop

17-26 yrs 1st Chloe Lund 45kg £160 Brayton Farm Shop 2nd Kerry Foster 39kg £118 A Atkinson for Hartshead Meat Co 3rd Sam Phillipson 41kg £118 Vivers Scot Lamb

Overall Reserve – Georgia Webster

Overall Champion – Charlie Leach & Daniel Lund

Other competitors – Alfie Lambert, William Lambert, Henry Morphet, Martha Middleton, Georgira Sugden, Anne Gray, Neive Ireland, Amelia Pratt, George Forster, Bobby Crabtree, Thomas Thornber and John Henry Mellin.

On behalf of Dugdale Nutrition we would like to congratulate ALL the Young Farmers who took part in todays competition, you all deserve to be proud of your individual achievements! Additional well done to CCM and Angus Dean for all your hard work and effort running such a successful, smooth event!

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