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Achieve a quick and effective finish in your lambs and cattle with Alkafinisher Nuts...

Are you looking for a complete feed to achieve a quick and effective finish in your lambs and cattle?

Alkafinisher is a 15% protein, fully mineralised 6mm nut which incorporates barley, treated with our flagship product Home ‘n’ Dry, which makes 'Alkagrain.'

The concentrated Alkagrain inclusion allows us to have higher starch levels, 42% starch and sugar combined, in this compound feed, without causing any gastrointestinal upsets when it is fed to your livestock.

The alkalinity of the compound feed combats any acidity in the rumen of the lambs or cattle, and supports improved feed efficiency. The result on farm is a faster finish, with a lower number of sick days and deaths.

While the lamb price is good, it is a good time to be getting your lambs finished quickly and getting them off farm, making space for lambing again, or purchasing more store lambs, depending on your system.

With cattle, efficient growth, and finishing, leads to a better carcase and shorter feeding time before they hit target size or weight for sale.

Not convinced yet? Why not try it while we have a special offer on! We want to give more farmers the confidence to change to this safer way to feed their stock, and improve their performance and profitability. (Offer is running throughout February & March 2024)

10 bags for the price of 9 plus half price delivery on your first pallet!!

SAVE £35/tonnes on bagged Alkafinisher

Try 1 tonne of Alkafinisher in bags for the same price as 1 tonne of our standard lambs nuts (at the 5t rate)

Customer Testimonial

Richard Bell from Woodhall, Haltwhistle, feeds Alkafinisher to his lambs and his growing cattle.

Mr Bell told us that since he moved to Alkafinisher his lambs have fleshed a lot quicker and get to heavier weights than he could achieve with his previous lamb finisher.

Mr Bell has swale lambs that he previously could only get to 40kg, now he regularly get lambs to 45kg.

When asked about getting lambs onto the Alkafinisher he said, "That's the best bit. I used to get a lot of lambs blowing up when I housed them onto a hopper and used to lose too many. Now I don’t get the lambs blowing up and only lose 2 or 3 out of 1000 lambs. I also feed my young cattle on it, and they grow on really well."

If you are interested in knowing more information about Alkafinisher or about the special offer we currently have running, please contact your DN Sales Specialist...

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