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The uk's leading regional ruminant feed manufacturer

Dugdale Nutrition is an independently owned family company, which has focused on innovation in the ruminant sector for more than 160 years, evolving to become the UK’s leading regional ruminant feed manufacturer.

We are proud to offer cutting edge management and nutritional advice, together with feeds of excellence and quality. Located close to dairy, beef and sheep farms in the heart of the North of England, Dugdale Nutrition focuses on building long-term business partnerships with all of its customers.

Bulk & Bag Deliveries - 01200 420201 | Bag Collections - 01200 420234 | General Enquiries - 01200 420200

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Beef range

Dugdale Nutrition has a range of beef diets, to take animals from calves, through the growing phase and on to finishing. Our offering of feeds in the beef sector comprises compounds, blends and meals, as well as a range of complimentary products to maximise the potential in your animals.


we offer a wide range of services

Here at Dugdale Nutrition, we offer numerous services to assist you and your farm business. These include:

  • Dairy Herd Costings
  • Rationing Programmes
  • Mineral Forage Analysis
  • Interherd Analysis
  • Herd Companion
  • Production Forecasting
  • Forage Analysis
  • Grass Sampling
Speak to your local DN Representative, or call us on 01200 420200 to find out more.