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Toby Beard receives our latest Employee Recognition Award...

This month the DN employee recognition award has been presented to Toby Beard for his outstanding effort.

IT Manager David Hill (Left) with Toby Beard (Right)

The IT Manager, David Hill had these words to say "July’s Employee of the Month award goes to Toby Beard. I’m thrilled to recognise Toby’s outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication to IT support.

Toby’s commitment and positivity is hugely commendable, and no doubt assisted our ability to get through a challenging month. Toby brilliantly supported our users during a period of significant change whilst we upgraded our server environment. He has also worked closely with our Health & Safety Manager to improve our data and insight, culminating in an excellent dashboard highlighting areas of focus.

It’s a pleasure to see Toby’s development and his commitment to continuous improvement. Keep it up Toby!".

Janet Nerenberg, the Health & Safety Manager also has these words to say "Toby has been a fantastic support to H&S, the incident reporting and the power BI report associated with this, are superb.

Nothing was too much trouble, and anytime I have had any additional queries or requests he has responded and worked with me to resolve.

Lovely to see this recognition, well deserved".

May we take this opportunity to sincerely thank Toby for all his hard work and commitment to Dugdale Nutrition.

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