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Surplus Lambs - Our Top Tips...

Many farmers across the country are preparing to start their lambing season and many have already started. It is important to prepare to ensure a successful lambing period.

The results from scanning your ewes will give you an initial insight into the number of surplus lambs that might require fostering or artificially rearing.

Consider our top tips for successful surplus lamb management...

  1. Colostrum (210ml/kg bodyweight) is essential within the first 24 hours, the first feed should be within 6 hours of life.

  2. Provide a good quality lamb milk replacer: Day 1 - 3 = 1 litre in 4 - 5 feeds Day 4 - 7 = 1 litre in 4 feeds Day 7 to weaning = 1.5 litres in 4 feeds reducing to 2 feeds until weaning

  3. If on ad-lib feeders do not dilute, as this makes lambs drink more. Additionally, do not let the powder run out or the lambs will gorge.

  4. Make sure the hole in a teat is not too big as this can cause bloat. Tip the bottle up and if milk is free flowing, the hole is too big.

  5. Use soft teats, 4cm length = more sucking.

  6. Offer lamb creep from 3 days of age. Ensure the feed is palatable with good levels of starch and quality protein.

  7. Fresh, clean water should always be available.

  8. Straw should be readily available.

  9. Ensure excellent hygiene and cleaning.

  10. Abrupt weaning at 5 weeks or 10kg liveweight, whichever soonest if eating hard feed (250g/day).

For more information please contact your local DN Sales Specialist or call us on 01200 420200.

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