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Silosolve: Save £100 & get a FREE fleece when treating over 1,000 tonnes...

Good silage shouldn’t be an accident!

SiloSolve FC consistently produces silage preferred by dairy cows. SiloSolve FC promotes rapid, controlled fermentation and ensures that dry matter and nutrients from the field are preserved and available for your cows.

It is a unique, dual-action inoculant that improves aerobic stability and at the same time improves dry matter recovery over a broad range of dry matter and forages. While SiloSolve® FC increased aerobic stability up to 30 days in university trials, dry matter recovery across crops was improved an average of 3,5% points compared to untreated silages.

So, treating your silage with SiloSolve FC will…

  • Improve the feeding value of silage

  • Lower dry matter losses

  • Improve aerobic stability

  • Enable early feed out

  • Create cool, highly palatable forages

For further information, please call your local DN Sales Specialist or Gemma on 01200 409943.

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