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Overcome Grazing Challenges with Equaliser® Cream...

Spring is well underway, and the rain doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, however, temperatures are on the rise, so that can only make these grazing fields greener and ready for long-housed cow’s to be turned out.

But these lush green pastures hide their secret’s well, with all that hidden oil ready to drop milk butterfat when cows are turned out!

So make sure all your grazing herds are “Spring grass ready” by ordering Equaliser® Cream and have it ready on farm to “stop the drop” before it actually happens!


By using as little as 100g/cow/day of Equaliser® Cream the drop be prevented by proactive feeding. But even if the reduction in milk butterfat has already happened, UK farm trials on grazing cows over the last 3 years show that increases in milk butterfat of 0.3-0.5% have been seen with the supplement. So, on these 25 Equaliser® Cream fed farms the average financial benefit was 51 pence/cow/day!


Put another way this means...

On the average 155 cow herd size of these farms, an extra £2412  per month based on milk fat prices at the time of the trial.


And also a great nod to sustainability on most milk contracts, Equaliser® Cream contains NO palm fat!

Equaliser® Cream is the most cost-effective and consistent solution to declining milk butterfat in grazing herds. It can be available as a farm pack, used in blends and also incorporated in our Creamyield compound, allowing flexibility for feeding in your herds.

If you require further information on Equaliser® Cream, then please speak to your local DN Sales Specialist or call Dugdale Nutrition on 01200 420200.

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