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Our Clitheroe site reaches a milestone 400+ days since the last 'lost time' incident...

Lost time incidents are a vital benchmark for any organisation concerned with the health and safety of its employees. Lost Time Injury or Incidents (LTI) refer to any work-related injury or illness that results in an employee being unable to perform their regular duties and requires them to take more than 1 day (shift) off from work. Lost time injuries impact team morale, but also carry costs associated with downtime, loss of productivity, compliance, and workers compensation.

As a safety focused business, we are delighted to reach and exceed the 400-day milestone (currently at 413) on our Clitheroe site. Since the launch of our 'Serious About Safety' campaign in 2022 and the appointment of a dedicated Health & Safety Manager, Janet Nerenberg, Dugdale Nutrition has significantly improved and have a defined focus in all areas of Safety, Health & Environment.

Our Health & Safety Manager Janet says, "We are continuously looking to improve what we do to ensure the safety of all our employees, visitors, and contractors. By working together to maintain high standards, we can achieve a safe working environment. We encourage everyone to report safety incidents, near misses and hazards with a view to making improvements where we can. Access to reporting is available to all, online in our Sharepoint or by completing a safety report card. By working together, we aim to continue to add to the number of days since our last lost time accident across our sites; and wherever our employees may visit in the course of their work.”



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