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New Dates Added to our Online Zoom Meeting Schedule...

We are delighted to announce the addition of two new online events to our ever growing zoom meeting schedule.

Dairy Cow Efficiency - Minerals and Vitamins; An Important Piece of the Jigsaw

📆 Tuesday 26th January

⏰ 7.30pm

Discover how minerals and vitamins are a crucial part of the jigsaw when it comes to making a healthy, productive dairy cow diet. The emphasis will be on making the subject user-friendly and giving practical points that you can apply to your farm.

Register for this event by clicking here.

Fuelling Milk Production: Energy in the Dairy Cow

📆 Tuesday 9th February

⏰ 7.30pm

Discover how the dairy cow really gets energy from her feed. The main energy sources and organs used may be a surprise! Once we know how the cow extracts energy from her feed we will discuss ways to maximise how she can channel feed energy into milk and help make her more efficient.

Register for this event by clicking here.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Phil Ingram is the Ruminant Technical Manager for Cargill Animal Nutrition in the UK and Ireland. Phil’s main responsibility is the application of new products and technologies to help benefit dairy, beef and sheep sectors. A nutritionist by training, Phil has a special interest in mineral and vitamin nutrition for ruminants.

Dr. Phil Ingram, Ruminant Technical Manager at Cargill Animal Nutrition

Prior to working for Cargill, Phil spent three years in Saudi Arabia working for Almarai – a vertically integrated food company which at that time had a herd of 35,000 milking cows.

Phil holds a Bachelor of Agriculture Degree and also a PhD in Animal Genetics – both from Queen’s University Belfast.

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