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Meet the Team: Introducing Our Assistant Ruminant Specialist Rachael Livingston...

We're excited to introduce Rachael Livingston, our Assistant Ruminant Specialist, who began a 12-month placement with Dugdale Nutrition in July, as part of her degree in agriculture and animal science at Harper Adams University.

Tell us about the duties within your role?

"One of my main responsibilities is silage sampling. I meticulously analyse silage samples, playing a crucial role in assessing the nutritional quality of our customers forage. This important task is fundamental to ensuring that ruminants receive a balanced and nutritional diet, ultimately contributing to their health and well-being.

Another duty within my role is compiling interherd reports, tracking and analysing herd performance data, providing insights that help make informed decisions to optimise herd health, reproduction, and overall her productivity.

As part of my ongoing professional development I am keen to learn and expand my knowledge in diet formulation. Under the guidance of our experienced specialist sales team and veterinary specialist, Debby Brown I have been able to delve into the intricacies of formulating well-balanced diets for ruminants, aiming to contribute innovative and effective nutritional solutions which will be hugely beneficial towards my degree in agriculture with animal science.

In addition to these core responsibilities, I support our Ruminant Sales Specialists with their daily duties, whether this be participating in on farm visits, or undertaking bagged feed deliveries, my support enhances our customers experience."

What are your favourite aspects of the job?

"One of my favourite parts of the job is the opportunity to get out onto farm and engage with the challenges faced by farmers first-hand, devising innovative solutions to on farm problems. Dugdale Nutrition is a great place to work and I have enjoyed the relationships I have formed within the team."

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work?

"I am from County Antrim in Northern Ireland, where I live on a beef farm dedicated to rearing and finishing beef cattle. During my free time, you'll catch me either at the gym, on the rugby field, or working a weekend job milking cows."

What is your biggest achievement since working at Dugdale Nutrition?

"I'm not one for bigging myself up, so I will have to say understanding the northern lingo and way of life."


Do you have the right DNA to work for us?

We're looking for enthusiastic Sales Interns to join our team and gain valuable hands-on experience in the world of ruminant nutrition on a 12-month fixed term contract.

Read all about the job role below...

If you're interested in the role, you can apply online...

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