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"Meet the Fleet" - PJ68 OSP

Dugdale Nutrition are proud introduce PJ68 OSP, a Scania G Series 450, which currently has a Muldoon 3 axle rear steer trailer behind.

This vehicle has been with us for 4 years and since new, she has been driven by one of our day shift drivers, Richard Schofield. Richard started out working on his dad's dairy and sheep farm in Newton in Bowland, going on to pass his wagon test in 1998 to be a self employed wagon driver. He then joined the DN Transport team 13 years ago!

They have travelled nearly 450,000km together over 4 years, delivering approximately 48,000 tonnes of DN manufactured feed onto farms. PJ68 OSP is Richards 3rd wagon with DN; he started out 'cab hopping' for his first year with us, until he got his first wagon, a Volvo FM, then moved onto his favourite: the Mercedes (pictured below).

"Richard is considered to be a valued member of the transport and wider DN team!" - Dan Brown, Transport Manager.

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