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"Meet the Fleet" - DN70 DUG

Dugdale Nutrition are proud introduce DN70 DUG, a Scania R450, tag axle coupled to DUG17 a Muldoon hydraulic rear steer bulk blowing trailer.

This vehicle has been with us since new, and is driven by one of our day shift drivers, Andy Unsworth. Andy has been a driver at Dugdale Nutrition for 4 years now. He started driving PK62 DVG which was a Scania artic blower wagon based out of Speke.

After driving PK62 DVG he moved onto his first brand new wagon, PJ68 OSR, and drove her for 18 months delivering up to 10,500 tonnes. In May 2021 he then got his favourite wagon (up to now!), DN70 DUG, Andy adds, "good wagon that!"