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Maintaining milk solids at grass is a common challenge. What is the solution?

Intakes of fresh grass at 70kg with DM @ 18% and ME levels of 12.5 MJ/kg/DM means cows at grass are at best consuming 160MJ of energy. However a cow producing 30 litres of milk needs 230MJ of energy so supplementation of high quality concentrate is therefore essential if you are to maintain performance throughout the grazing season.

Maintaining milk solids at grass is a common challenge

Fresh grass is an excellent source of energy but is also highly digestible, high levels of rapidly fermentable carbohydrates and sugars in spring grass combined with low levels of structural fibre can result in poorer rumen function causing rumen PH to drop.

Rumen pH is directly linked to milk fat % - See Figure 1

Figure 1

SARA – Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis

Percentage of Irish dairy cows affected by SARA during grazing (O’Grady et al., 2008)
The Solution

Acid Buf rumen conditioner proven in reducing SARA. The calcareous marine algae buffers the rumen, reducing the time spent below 5.8pH therefore increasing feed efficiency, milk yield and milk solids.

Recommended Feeding Rate

80gm / head / day

Improving Milk Solids

Acid Buf improves rumen function and creates an environment that is favourable for fibre digesting bacteria. It is this process that yields volatile fatty acids that drive butterfat production.

Reseach conducted at the University College Dublin (UCD) showed an increase in milk solid production of 7% through the addition of Acid Buf vs a control.

Magnesium Supplementation

Fresh grass is known to be deficient in magnesium which is a vital micronutrient for nerve, muscle function & bone formation. A deficiency at turnout can lead to conditions including grass staggers & milk fever. Acid Buf rumen conditioner provides a highly soluble and bioavailable source of both magnesium and calcium, so it is worth taking this into account when formulating your summer ration. This could help alleviate these health problems whilst also allowing reduced supplementation elsewhere in the ration to make further savings.

Acidbuf is available to purchase through Dugdale Nutrition. To find out more about Acidbuf, or any other product, please contact your local DN Sales Specialist or our Specialist Product Manager, Tom Rigg, on 07920 151245.

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