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Keep her cycling all season long with Equaliser® CoolCow...

In the UK, daily temperatures during spring and summer can fluctuate up to 12°C but relative humidity doesn’t fall below 60% which is seen as the heat stress ‘trigger level’ on THI scales. This means that cows are almost always under heat stress conditions.

As temperatures rise fertility is always the first performance measure to be affected. Fluctuating temperatures in spring and summer (14-22°C) cause 20% of cows to slip a cycle, costing £84 per cow affected.


Physical form: Powder

Feeding Rate: 100-150 gram/head/day


  • During the whole lactation - April to end of August.

  • Mix through the basal ration or concentrate meal. Do not top-dress.

  • Replaces the buffer included in the ration.

As temperature rises fertility drops:

Consequences of Heat Stress:

When daily average THI for the day (24hr period) is equal to or above these levels.

THI 70 (23.5°C) - Milk urea nitrogen (MUN) increases

THI 68 (22°C) - Milk protein yield declines

THI 65 (20°C) - Conception rate declines

THI 57 (14°C) - Oestrus activity reduces

If you require further information on Equaliser® CoolCow, then please speak to your local DN Sales Specialist or call Dugdale Nutrition on 01200 420200.

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