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Karen Mackie receives our latest Employee Recognition...

We are delighted to announce the Karen Mackie has been awarded the latest DN Employee Recognition Award.

Karen with her Line Manager, Maria Nimock (R) and fellow Sales Support Advisor, Susan Kirk (L)

Her line manager, Maria Nimock says, "Karen has worked at DN for the past 17 years and when she started, she brought with her a lot of experience having worked at Bibby’s in the transport department planning the vehicles. Karen is the calm person in the team who everyone turns to she has that ability to put people at ease and can defuse any difficult conversations very quickly with her personality. Karen has a lot of knowledge on the DN customer base and for the past few years she has been working with Susan on the invoicing and pricing side of the business when Susan is away. Karen is also working at present with myself and Primetics to ensure we are advancing with Gold. In the past months Karen has gone from full time working at Home during Covid to coming back into the warehouse and her experience (of past years) has helped the new staff find their feet and confidence in their new role, and while doing this Karen is still performing her role with a high-quality output."

May we take this opportunity to sincerely thank Karen for all her hard work and her commitment to Dugdale Nutrition.

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