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Introducing Myerscough British Charolais...

British Charolais Bulls bred by GJ & G Billington & Son, all fed on our DN Pro-Show blend. Greg Billington tell us 'We have found a little goes a long way using it on maintenance of the bulls, very happy with the growth of the lads and will continue to hold them till sale day at H&H Carlisle in May'

Pictured below is 'Myerscough Phantom'

Pro Show from the DN Pro Flakes range is a specially formulated, high specification diet and is ideal for finishing and show cattle. Pro-Show comprises of a fully mineralised base mix with our 6mm Super Beef nut, 3-in-1 protein pellets and molasses.

Pictured below is ' Myerscough Pheonix'

Both Phantom and Phoenix are around 22 moths old, they along with other young Charolais bulls have been fed on DN Pro-Show for the past 3 months at night time along with silo. Phantom weighed 940kg on the 5th February, then re-weighed at 980kg on 18th March, making a 40kg increase over 6 weeks. Pheonix has also made the same progress, but 30kg behind Phantom.

Thankyou to the Billington family for sharing your photos and telling us more about your cattle. We look forward to following these bulls progress and await their sale in May. To find out more about DN Pro-Show, please contact your local DN Sales Specialist or The DN Store on 01200 420234 and we will be happy to help.

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