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Introducing iBoost...

iBoost is a high energy meal using only FEMAS approved raw materials. It contains a blend of vegetable oils and calcium soap, along with cereal by-products, selected for their absorbency. The inclusion of oils, across the C16-C18 spectrum, avoids suppressing intakes or butterfats.

“Since incorporating iBoost into the ration, the cows have shown an increase in overall intake & have spent more time ruminating; leading to an increase in milk & total milk solids.” - Mr Lonsdale, Foulds House Farm

This flowable product can be either included in the mixer wagon, blending evenly into TMRs, or spreads well when top dressing if sufficient feed space is available.

Key Benefits:

🐮 High energy density products

✅ Using only FEMAS approved raw materials

🐮 Efficiently absorbed - no suppression of intakes of butterfat

📈 Positive effects on milk yields

🐮 Flowable product; blending evenly into TMR’s or spreads well when top dressing

Available for collection or delivery in 25kg bags.

To book your no obligation consultation with your local DN Representative and find out how iBoost could benefit your dairy unit, please call Gemma on 01200 409943.

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