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How has recent in-shed temperatures affected your herd...

A summary of the Cargill UK in-shed temperature humidity index (THI) data logger information covering the period 4th September - 10th September...

  • Last week’s weather conditions were the hottest and most uncomfortable of the year so far with average daily THI not dropping below 66 in any region. Only 1 region did not have a new highest recorded THI level for the year set last week, and all of these regions recorded THI’s above the critical level of 80 and even up to 84.

  • THI 71+ was the bracket which all regions spent most time in, with 60 hours being the least time and 90 hours the most time spent in this bracket - recorded in Wales.

  • With this period of time spent in THI 71 a drop in milk protein can be expected as well as increased cow rectal temperatures.

  • THI levels this high will have caused a significant impact on cow behaviour and performance in the short term, however, cows can suffer the consequences for up to 3 weeks after being affected by heat stress. Therefore, ensure cows have constant feed and water supply, use misters and our Equaliser CoolCow® rumen buffer to lower cows’ internal temperature.

Next week’s weather forecast is showing a drop in temperatures and more rain, but don’t be fooled as increased levels of rainfall will increase humidity meaning high THI levels could remain.

Have you tried Equaliser® CoolCow?...

Equaliser® CoolCow is a unique blend of internal cooling elements (including an osmolyte), buffering agents, alkalising ingredients, and flavouring that provide nutritional support and help maintain production and fertility throughout periods of temperature fluctuations.

As temperatures rise fertility is always the first performance measure to be affected. Fluctuating temperatures in spring and summer (14-22°C) cause 20% of cows to slip a cycle, costing £84 per cow affected.


Physical form: Powder

Feeding Rate: 100-150 gram/head/day


  • During the whole lactation - April to end of August.

  • Mix through the basal ration or concentrate meal. Do not top-dress.

  • Replaces the buffer included in the ration.

If you require further information on Equaliser® CoolCow, then please speak to your local DN Sales Specialist or call Dugdale Nutrition on 01200 420200.

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