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Grass Growth & Milk Yield From Grazing...

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Grass growth continues to see some variation across the country while the average remains higher than typically seen for the same period at 44.7kg DM/ha/day.

Although the majority of regions have seen a fall in growth rates, Scotland sees the highest average growth rates at 49kg DM/ha/day and the North East sees a lower average at 32kg DM/ha/day.

Regional Grass Growth

The average Milk Yield from grazing has returned to a negative value this week, indicating that intakes from grass alone are not enough to support maintenance, average M-3.0 litres/day.

The North West sees a positive value of M+2.7 litres/day while Wales and the West sees a considerably lower average Milk Yield from grazing of M-5.7 litres/day.

Scotland and the East saw a limited data set and no values are reported. To understand how to get the most from grazed grass at this point in the season it is important to encourage individual farm analysis. If your cows are still at grass ensure you get your grass sampled and make an informed decision on the requirement for buffer feeding.

Grass Watch Report by Trouw Nutrition

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