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Gisburn Auction Dugdale Dairy Day 06.04.23...

Dugdale Nutrition continue to proudly support and sponsor Gisburn Auction Mart's 'Dugdale Dairy Day' which takes place on the first Thursday of EVERY month!

Pre-sale show

Thursday's cattle sale was exceptional as always, and we extend our thanks to Judge John Critchley for his thorough evaluation during the pre-sale show.

Frankland Farms Newhall topped the best pedigree new calved heifer class show this week, showcasing a 34lt heifer by Westcoast Alcove that sold for £2950 (pictured below).

Jennings Farmers took home the prize for the best new calved heifer in the second class of the day, with a 31lt heifer that fetched £2950 (pictured below).

In the last class of the day, the prize for the best new calved cow went to Red House Farming for their 47lt second calver which sold for £2950 (pictured below).