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Gisburn Auction Dairy Cattle Show Results

The sun was shining yesterday for the Dairy Cattle Show sponsored by Dugdale Nutrition and held at Gisburn Auction Mart. The show was judged by Mr. Doug Graves.

Auctioneer Fred Spurgeon said, "A great show of heifers on offer today with a very strong pedigree class. Today’s judge was Doug Graves and any one of the last six in the ring could have been the winner. Top price came for a three weeks calved heifer from James and Anne Rogerson at £2,180 with Mike Robinson close behind at £2,150. A superb second lactation cow from new vendor Andrew Sudell sold at £2,140 to Tom Green, Wigan. Colin Singleton’s first and second prize heifers went to Kelly Hill at £2,000 and £1,980. Winner of first and second prize non-registered heifers went to Ed and Alec Towers selling at £1,950 and Alec taking £1,640 for a black legged imported heifer going to Richard Shuttleworth."


1st - JS & A Towers £1950

2nd - Alec Towers £1640

3rd - W A & A Booth £1610

Brothers Ed and Alec Towers in the Gisburn shippon with first and second prize newly calved heifers


1st - J & M Singleton & Sons £2000

2nd - J & M Singleton & Sons £1980

3rd - KE Robinson & Son £2150

Judge Doug Graves with Colin Singleton - 1st prize pedigree heifer being three weeks calved and giving 30 litres


1st - RW & EE Sudell & Son £2140

2nd - JS & A Towers £1830

3rd - TH Wensley & Sons £1600

Judge Doug Graves with new vendor Andrew Sudell, Garstang having won first prize with his newly calved cow. This is a third calver giving 44kg and calved 2½ weeks.

Huge congratulations to all prize winners. The next Dugdale Nutrition Dairy Cattle Show will be held at Gisburn Auction Mart on Thursday 3rd May. For further information about the DN range of dairy feed, please visit our dairy products page by clicking here, or alternatively you can get in touch with your local DN representative or call us on 01200 420200.

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