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GAM Northern Dorset Breeders' Club Annual Show & Sale...

The 2021 Sale of Poll Dorset and Dorset Horn sheep was yet again a great success with a full ringside of buyers at the ready. Trade was strong for both the male and females with gimmer lambs being the buyer’s choice today. Topping the day’s trade was lot 32 Poll Dorset shearling ram “Paddock Leach Challenger” presented by Mr S Alderson and selling for 650gn. This was first in its class and was awarded Supreme Champion by Judge Jess Odgers.

Show Results as follows:

Champion - Mr S Alderson (Shearling Ram)
Reserve Champion - Mr R Fitton (Ram Lamb)
Female Champion - Mr S Driver (Shearling Ewe)

Best Horn Exhibit - Mr A Birch (Ewe Lamb)

Shearling Ewe 1st - S Driver (Lot 4) 2nd - P & S Alpe (Lot 44) 3rd - A Steff (Lot 24)

Ewe Lamb 1st - C Johnson (Lot 2)

1st - C Johnson (Lot 2)

2nd - S & J Gray (Lot 45) 3rd - S & J Gray (Lot 46)

Shearling Ram 1st - S Alderson (Lot 32) 2nd - S Smith & L Taylor (Lot 54)

Ram Lamb 1st - R Fitton (Lot 37) 2nd - A Steff (Lot 35) 3rd - C Johnson (Lot 38)

On behalf of Dugdale Nutrition, congratulations to all who took part in todays show and sale.

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