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FREE Colostrum checks for DN Progressive Calf Milk customers...

Throughout February, we are offering FREE colostrum checks with our Calf Specialist Diane Roe, when purchasing 5 bags or more of our Progressive Calf Milk.

The Importance of Checking Colostrum...

Calf management is high on the priority list for any farmer, whether that is for dairy or beef production. Colostrum is the key to the success when raising calves, however the quality can often fall below standard. When quality drops, maximising calf health then becomes problematic.

The appearance of colostrum can be very deceiving and checking colostrum properly is the best way to prevent illness in your calves. Although your calves may be getting enough in terms of quantity of colostrum, it is the quality which directly effects the calf health.

Why Choose DN Progressive Calf Milk...

Both products in the Progressive Calf Milk range have been developed to provide your young stock with high quality, proven nutrition and are formulated to ensure optimal growth, health and performance.

DN Progressive Calf Milk is available in a whey and a skim powder. Both products benefit from the fatty acid technology of NeoTec4, which is unique to Dugdale Nutrition and helps in the following areas:

1. Improve Feed Efficiency & Utilisation

2. Improve ADG (Average Daily Gain)

3. Improve Frame & Muscle Growth

4. Reduce Scours & Optimise Immune System

For further information, or to place your order, please call the bag orderline on 01200 420234.

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