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07 NOVEMBER 2015

Modern technology is revolutionising modern farming, from GPS mapping in arable farming through to robot milking systems in the dairy industry. Examples I’ve seen recently are systems for monitoring calving cows and two types in particular have really caught my eye.

The first system clips to the tail of a close to calving cow and monitors its movements. As the intensity of the tail movements increases, it predicts the point of calving. The second involves a small temperature sensing device being placed inside the cow. A cows’ body temperature changes in the run up to calving, dropping dramatically when the device is expelled from the cow by the water bag.

In both cases, the really clever part is that they then send a text, to alert the manager that calving has begun. It is systems like this that are making mobile phones an indispensable part of all of our tool kits. Having phone, text, email and the internet so close at hand really can help to save time and money.

Read the full article in The Westmoorland Gazette here

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