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Farm Visit - Czech Republic

The new 500 cow dairy unit in Velke Opatovice, in the Czech Republic which I recently visited as a guest of Agrinexus is averaging 11,500kg. Milked twice a day through a 28:28 rapid exit De Laval parlour, with the higher yielding cows on three times a day.

The cubicle building completed in 2016 has an insulated roof with a variable controlled ridge and side curtains. The feed trough has the first 30 cms tiled to make a smooth eating surface. Rubber mattresses are bedded with straw and automatic scrapers remove slurry to a centrally located tank. All slurry and waste water is removed daily to the farms anaerobic digester.

The dairy unit is part of a large farming enterprise based in Velke Opatovice approx. 300 metres above sea level with soil conditions varying from light sand to stony soils. The 2300 ha farm is mainly wheat and barley with 350 ha of maize and 150 ha each of rye and a mix of clover and alfa alfa. There is also 70 ha of orchards comprising apple, sour cherry, plums and red currants.

Besides feeding the dairy cows the rye and maize feed the large AD plant, the gas from which runs 3 large generators selling power back to the grid and also running the farms grain dryer.

The enterprise also runs a grazed Charolais beef herd and a 30000 bird broiler unit.

Peter Wormleighton, DN Sales Manager

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