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Farm Safety Week - Our Top Safety Tips

This week is Farm Safety Week - 20th - 24th July. Here are some top tips to stay safe when working on a farm:

1. You should be properly trained to work safely or at least have been shown by somebody experienced. Do not do a task which you do not know what you are doing as you may put yourself or other people at risk

2. The biggest cause of fatalities is being hit by a moving vehicle - ensure pedestrians and vehicles are kept apart, ensure handbrakes are tested and park a vehicle correctly

3. Roofs are often very fragile - do not go on a roof unless you are using equipment such as harnesses, cov­erings and guard rails

4. Quad bikes are a machine that we use every day and are much more dangerous than a motorbike. Quad bike injuries are often to the head so ensure you wear a helmet and drive the quad bike correctly

5. Livestock are unpredictable and cannot be trusted. Follow safe working practises and use the correct equipment when working with livestock

6. Overhead power lines are often forgotten about - accidents happen when people drive under live wires with the equipment raised

7. Slurry, effluent and moist grain stored are often in confined spaces and contain high levels of toxic gases causing death

For more information and guidance visit the Yellow Wellies website at

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