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In the UK, daily temperatures during spring and summer can fluctuate up to 12°C but relative humidity doesn’t fall below 60% which is seen as the heat stress ‘trigger level’ on THI scales. This means that cows are almost always under heat stress conditions.

With temperatures currently hovering around the 19-21 degrees in most parts of the UK meaning significantly higher “in-shed” temperatures, make sure your herd’s summer fertility isn’t being compromised! Feeding just 100 grams of Equaliser CoolCow has proven to maintain excellent fertility in cows even during periods of significant heat stress. These fluctuating temperatures in spring and summer (14-22°C) cause 20% of cows to slip a cycle, costing £84 per cow affected.

Equaliser CoolCow is a buffer complimented with essential oils to support the heat stressed cow. It helps to maintain feed intake and support production. Dairy cows already start to experience heat stress at an ambient temperature of 21’C when relative humidity is high. When the heat-stress boundary is crossed, Equaliser CoolCow can help rumen function and support fertility, keeping cows going forward through the summer.

If you require further information on the risk of heat stress in your stock and management strategies or on Equaliser Coolcow, then please speak to your local DN Sales Specialist or call DN HQ on 01200 420200. If you are unsure who your local DN Sales Specialist is then please call DN HQ 01200 420200, and we'll be happy to help you find them!

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